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Express Marketing Audit

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As soon as you buy the audit I’ll contact you over email and ask you to fill in a simple Google form that will allow me to understand your current marketing mix. 

Within 14 days I will send you feedback on the existing channels, explain how you can improve them, and suggest up to 5 new channels or tactics to use with a detailed explanation of why they would be the best fit for your product.

If your marketing mix is perfect, I will reimburse you. 

What do other founders say:

"Ana’s recommendations made so much sense were spot on and adjusted to our $5K budget that we were about to spend on the launch". 

Jon, founder of Rewind

"The audit was very comprehensive and as a result of it, I immediately ended up with so many actionable items that I can implement to improve my marketing. I would definitely book a re-audit again after a few months"

Bhanu Teja, founder of Feather.so

"The most valuable finding in the marketing audit for me personally was that it validated a lot of my thinking and offered some new ideas as well. The feedback was detailed and actionable with plenty of examples - it felt as if Ana was in the room via the comments guiding me through her thinking. It was also helpful to have a simplified process that I can easily follow",

Liana Flicker, founder of The Inspiration Space

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