How To Find a Tech Co-Founder

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This ebook will be of a max value for you if: 

✅ You are a non-techie and you tried to find a tech co-founder but failed. 

✅ You're extremely tight on a budget

✅ You have no solid experience in hiring (especially, tech personnel) 

✅ Scared to be dumped by the co-founder at some point and lose what you already have invested

✅ Not sure how to approach technical people and what to offer

Why do you have to trust me?

I've been this non-techie founder who tried my bests to find someone to partner with me and failed. I used matching platforms. I went to tech conferences. I even joined an online startup accelerator with an imaginary project hoping to recruit tech talent from there.

All in vain.  

Then, in 2020 I discovered a Method that helped me to find 3 partners within several months. I also received over 15 offers to become a non-technical co-founder from talented engineers and developers all over the world. This Method put me on the radar of brilliant people who suddenly wanted to build something together and dreamed of seeing me a part of their team.

This ebook is about this Method.

In fact, it's not something I invented. It is used by millions of other people. Some call it "building a personal brand". Others call it "build in public". Whatever the name is, it's all about being genuine, respectful, and authentic. It's about doing what you're passionate about and understanding that in order to get value from someone, you have to bring in a similar amount of value upfront.

I tried my bests to describe the Method and craft a weekly activities sheet for you so that you could seamlessly slip into the right mode and start using it straight away.

What's inside the ebook

It consists of 4 modules:

🔥 Module 1. Why does nobody want to be your co-founder

Deep insight on the reasons why conventional ways of looking for a co-founder don't work. In his module, you'll be introduced to my Method. 

🔥 Module 2. The hunting grounds`

You will get a list of tools and platforms to use with a clear set of instructions to follow.

🔥 Module 3. Connecting to people

You will get a process that will help you build your value proposition and connect with people. 

🔥 Module 4. Negotiating

You'll learn the rules of dynamic equity split and will be able to convince anyone that it is a fair split (because it is!). You'll learn how to use the equity in the compensation plan and pitch this plan to your prospective co-founder.

🤩 Bonus

  • 20+ resources for co-founder hunt and hiring
  • 20+ ways to meet a co-founder
  • Terms sheet Templates
  • Forms with questions for candidates

What do other founders say?

Ana is a great expert in what she's doing. I would love to partner with her.

Neil Pierce, a founder of Atomic Fusion

This book is a gem! I only wish Ana had created a community of book readers so that we could exchange experiences and bounce ideas off each other. But maybe later:) The book helped me to find a great partner btw and opened so many new opportunities I had not even thought of.

Michael Strong, a founder of No-Code For Kids


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How To Find a Tech Co-Founder

3 ratings
I want this!