Marketing Playbook for early-stage startups

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What is this playbook about? 

This playbook is about marketing tactics, tips and tricks that are most suitable for early-stage bootstrapped startup founders. 

I’ve put together not only the theory (what is the funnel, how to move customers through it, how to nail your go-to-market strategy, etc.) but also >50 real-life cases from founders who have no deep VCs pockets to support their marketing experiments. 

Who is this playbook for? 

This playbook is perfect for you if you’re one of those founders who love building features and feel kind of “frozen” when it comes to doing some marketing. 

If you’re not sure what you can do to get your product in front of your customers eyes, if you launched the product and get zero sales, if you are still in the development stage but have already started thinking about go-to-market strategy — this playbook is what you’ve been looking for. 

What’s inside? 

You will get: 

  • 21 sections that will help you to figure out what marketing tactics are most suitable for you
  • a curated list of 35 software tools that will help you to grow faster
  • 🔥 Marketing activities planner with 36 marketing activities to take, average budget, and probable conversion rate for every activity. They will help you to get those 100 first paying customers and much more! You can add your own activities to the plan, set the deadlines, and track your progress. 

What other founders say: 

“It’s a fantastic resource
Simon Høiberg, founder of

Ana covers all the great topics. I like how she has a good amount of examples. Pretty solid and good work!”

Noah Bragg, founder of

There is a wealth of marketing learning in it. Loved the examples of startups and founders. Saw quite a few of my Twitter friends and peers I look up to. This made the content fun and engaging

Lucian Tartea, founder of 

What is the playbook option? 

By purchasing the playbook option, you get access to a PDF e-book.  

What is the option with the Kit?

By purchasing the playbook option, you get access to a PDF e-book plus access to 3 files:
— Landing page checklist (what to check on your page to achieve top performance)

— Curated list of 34 marketing tools that will make your marketing easier and more efficient

— 🔥 Marketing activities planner with 36 marketing activities to take, average budget, and probable conversion rate for every activity.

What is the option with the audit? 

As soon as you buy the book + audit I’ll contact you over email and ask you to fill in a simple form that will allow me to understand your current marketing mix. 

Within 14 days I will send you an activity plan that will be more suitable for your product and your market segment. 

If your marketing mix is perfect, I will reimburse you. 

What do other founders say about audit:

"Ana’s recommendations made so much sense were spot on and adjusted to our $5K budget that we were about to spend on the launch". 

Jon, founder of Rewind

"The audit was very comprehensive and as a result of it, I immediately ended up with so many actionable items that I can implement to improve my marketing. I would definitely book a re-audit again after a few months"

Bhanu Teja, founder of

What if I don't like your products and want to be reimbursed

If you provide valid reasons why my product doesn't meet your expectations (for instance, you did not find marketing tactics in the playbook, or I did not provide actionable advice on using implicit values on your page, or it took me over 14 days to complete the audit, etc.) — I will be happy to reimburse you.

How did I find out all the tactics?

All the tactics I describe I personally used when running my retail startup several years ago. All the practical cases listed in the book have been acquired through my personal conversations with multiple founders as a part of my job of building founder guides Wizen Guides.

If you have any questions about using the Playbook please contact me on Twitter


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Marketing Playbook for early-stage startups

24 ratings
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